It’s no secret: Women love candles


Glass jar,

DecoArt Americana acrylic paint – Lamp Black,

Small round paint brushes size 2 and 4,

1/4” flat brush,

Can of Santa Snow,

Wire for handle (optional),

Isopropyl Alcohol Spray and clean cloth.


Instructions for making painted township

1. Clean jar with soapy water and remove any labels.

2. Wipe outside of jar using Isopropyl alcohol spray to remove any residue and then avoid over handling jar.

3. Measure the inside of your jar using a scrap piece of paper. Make your template to fit this measurement and then insert inside of jar. I used a little piece of cello tape to hold it in place, so it wouldn’t move while I was painting it.

4. Rest your jar on a soft cloth – I used and old tea towel. Try not to handle the bottom of the jar too much as grease from your skin may affect how well your paint adheres to the jar. Using your small round brush and the black paint, start painting the design, using the template as a guide. You may decide to add other things or trees… I actually added a little fence beside the church on one of my jars.

5. The first coat of paint will be patchy… that’s okay. Leave it to dry and when you paint on the second coat it will be opaque. Set aside to dry.

6. If you are going to make a wire hanger for your jar, add that now.

7. Place your painted jar inside an old cardboard box and lightly spray the top third of the jar with the Santa Snow. Do not spray inside the jar. Leave to dry.

8. Last year I added Epsom Salts to the top of my jar for an added effect

9. Insert tea light candle/s. I used 3 candles inside my larger coffee jar.

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